How To Improve Your ICT Skills


Here are the steps you can take to improve your ICT skills:

1. Practice using technology

Experimenting with technology through hands-on experience can help you develop your ICT skills. You can expand on your general knowledge through learning and using as much technology as possible. Part of practicing can also include conducting research on the technology you're not familiar with to learn more about its basic operating procedures.

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Relevant ICT Skills That Everyone Should Know

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What are ICT skills?

ICT skills are abilities that help you understand and operate a wide range of technology software. This can include helping users with tasks on computers, such as making video calls, searching on the internet or using a mobile device like a tablet or phone. ICT skills can also include any direct interaction with technology, including turning on a computer, using hardware to print and copy documents and using digital cameras to capture photographs or video footage.

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The Teachers Mate 1 - TM1 Laptop Drivers for Windows 10 & 11


The Teachers Mate 1 popularly known as the TM1 laptop is product spearheaded by the Ghana Government in its attempt to provide laptops for the teaching poplulation. In my view it is a decent laptop capable for basic student tasks such as browing, word processing, playing music, videos, a couple of low end games. It is the best of the best but it is just decent.


Installing the drivers involves a series of steps that must be followed meticulously. The complete driver is a zip file that needs to be extracted using a zip extraction tool such as WinRAR. Once extracted, the drivers can be installed using the “.inf” file. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install TM1 Laptop drivers:

Note: Download link is at the bottom of the page

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The Most Popular Websites In The World 2023 Edition

Popular Websites

Google remains the most-visited website in the world, while Facebook is still the most frequented social platform, based on web traffic. Well, actually, YouTube is, but YouTube’s only a partial social app, right?

The findings are displayed in this new visualization from Visual Capitalist, which uses SimilarWeb data to show the most visited websites in bubble chart format, highlighting the variance in traffic.

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Business Startup Ideas With Little Capital and How to get started

business startup ideas with little capital: introduction

The unemployment rate in Ghana is very high, however the Country has good opportunities for small business to grow. One of the great concerns of young entrepreneurs is the acquisition of startup capital but this should not be always the case. The country has a lot of untapped business potentials and most of these do not require huge amount of capital to start.  In this article, we will be looking at business ideas that require little to no capital in Ghana.

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Simple tools for video editing


What is a Video Editing Software?

Any program that can edit, modify, generate, or manipulate a video file is video editing software. Video editing is one of the most critical elements for content creators. Anyone these days can upload a video online and start getting views. But if you want to create a professional-looking video which connects with your audience, you will need an easy-to-use video editing software.

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Top ICT Training Schools In Ghana

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Launched in 1992, IPMC is West Africa’s largest IT conglomerate and it’s training division delivers globally recognized IT courses to professionals. Over the last 3 decades IPMC IT Learning centres and IPMC College of technology has assisted over 2 million students develop their IT skills under a broad category of Professional, Corporate and Undergrad courses. These IT courses help students realize their professional ambitions in the digital era of Artificial Intelligence and automation.

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The Evolution Of Smartphones

Smartphone Evolution

It’s amazing how the big-sized odd-looking cellphone has come a long way to take the current slim and light-weight look. It took nearly 20 years to make useful cellphone for other applications besides talking and texting (in other words, being smart) since its commissioning in the decade 1970.

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