Relevant ICT Skills That Everyone Should Know

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What are ICT skills?

ICT skills are abilities that help you understand and operate a wide range of technology software. This can include helping users with tasks on computers, such as making video calls, searching on the internet or using a mobile device like a tablet or phone. ICT skills can also include any direct interaction with technology, including turning on a computer, using hardware to print and copy documents and using digital cameras to capture photographs or video footage.

Examples of ICT skills

Here are some examples of ICT skills that you can develop:


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Technological knowledge

Working in ICT requires an understanding of company preferences of technology for daily duties. This can include general experience with computers and mobile devices, like phones and tablets. This knowledge can also include basic operations, such as maintaining and updating technology for increased efficiency.


7 tips to enhance online research skills through elearning

Online research

Online research is the method of collecting information using the internet. This involves using search engines and educational sites for research and setting up methods of accumulating data. These methods may include customer surveys, online interviews and metric data gathering.


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Social media management

Social media management is the process of gathering information from social media audiences and developing strategies tailored to their preferences. You can accomplish this through creating and distributing content for social media profiles, monitoring online conversations and measuring engagement with profiles for a company. Compiling social media data can provide fundamental information that can help organizations make well-informed decisions on marketing strategies.




Netiquette is a set of guidelines that ensures respect for online communication. These rules apply to multiple aspects of the internet, including email, messaging forums and video and audio chats. Netiquette involves learning how to conduct yourself in an online community and extending the teaching of those guidelines to coworkers who may not have as much experience with internet communication methods.



Data management

Data management is the process of collecting, organizing and storing massive quantities of business metrics for analysis and future decisions. This can include managing database and spreadsheet software for businesses and organizing the data for others to understand. It can also include creating folders and files on an organization's network and knowing how to upload, download, copy or move these files between the company's computers. In addition, data management involves managing online accounts and keeping track of the usernames and passwords for these accounts.


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Desktop publishing

Desktop publishing is the creation of documents using software that prepares the digital information for transition to a physical medium, whether it's a webpage, postcard, brochure, business card or label. It can allow companies to use marketing information to create visual displays that attract customers. Having desktop publishing skills may allow you to work as a graphic designer

and create the original assets, or you may work alongside a graphic designer to prepare the created assets for printing.


word processing

Word processing

Word processing is the production or manipulation of text on a computer using specialized software. You can prepare a document for different uses by typing written communications and formatting the document according to an organization's desired specifications. Another part of word processing is conducting data entry, which can involve organizing data in spreadsheets, and presenting this data through visual aids that you can create using slideshow creation programs.


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Collaboration is the concept of working with one or more people to complete a task or project. Technology professionals can use their collaboration skills to help other coworkers with their technological challenges, such as helping them learn new software or troubleshoot issues. Connecting your coworkers through online communication services can also encourage collaboration through the internet.


problem solving


Problem-solving skills can help you determine the source of an issue and work toward finding an effective solution. It often involves analysis, active listening, research and decision-making. Those with problem-solving skills may specialize in researching or analyzing and organizing data, or they may use their skills to help organizations find the technology or programs that can best meet their needs.


 time management and organizational skills1


Organizational skills include the management of your time, workspace and energy to encourage the completion of all your current tasks. Organizational skills can also include managing schedules digitally, organizing files for easier access and cleaning out technology for better efficiency. This skill may be helpful in positions where you're constantly maintaining computer systems.

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