Printer Buying Guide 2: Types Of Printers

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We offer a range of different printers, so consider the features each type offers:

Inkjet printers

Inkjet printers are ideal for lower volume printing in offices, and for personal use at home.


Features you'll like:

  • Prices start low
  • Huge variety
  • Highest photo quality when used with photo paper
  • Often better quality when in colour

Things to consider:

  • Ink can smudge when freshly printed
  • Higher cost per page than laser
  • Slower to print

 Printer Types INKJET




















Laser printers

Laser printers are ideal for high-volume printing in offices where there's a lot of paperwork.


Features you'll like:

  • Highest text quality, fast print speeds, cheaper ink

  • Faster, smudge-free printing of a very high quality, especially when printing text

  • Faster printing in high quantities

  • Can print double-sided

  • More resilient printing

Things to consider:

  • More expensive – particularly if you want to print in colour

  • Colour quality isn’t as good as on inkjet printers

  • Lower photo print quality

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Wireless printing

Wireless printing is cable-free, so allows you to print from wherever you are in your home.


 wireless printing


All-in-one printers

A complete home solution for inkjet printing, scanning, faxing and photocopying, while saving space. Some can print directly from the internet. Uses plain, coated or photo paper up to A3.

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