Mobile Money Security Tips

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It is obvious that fraudsters continue to find new ways to swindle person on their MoMo accounts, however there are simple ways that when a person adheres to them, you can always dodge these bullets from fraudsters.

Security Tips

- Do not entertain any call or message from an unknown person or number concerning your MoMo account EXCEPT calls from 0244300000
- Don't give your phone to anyone to perform a MoMo transaction on your behalf.
- MTN or any employee of MTN will NEVER initiate any transaction on your behalf or call you to take y ou through a transaction process on your phone.
- Report any fraudulent activity through free messaging on 1515 or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New Fraud Alert

There's a new MoMo Fraud scheme ongoing. So what these scammers do is they will call to tell you they sent money to your MoMo account. Once you deny, they'd ask you to switch off/ restart your phone, please DON'T.

Immediately you hang up, you'd see an authorisation payment message pop up on your phone to key in your pin code.

Again, please DON'T, ask the person to call MTN on 100. They will try several times to frustrate you. Another number, pretending to be from MTN, will call you to check your account, once again please DON'T.

It's another way of stealing from you. MTN will only call you on 0244300000.

Report such numbers via the shortcode 1515.

Please be vigilant!!!

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